Welding Quiz

The welding quiz has decades of history. The first welding quiz in Hungary (named Welding Competition) was organized in the late '70s. The organizers would like to share the excellent mood of the event with the participants of the YPIC2019.

The Welding Quiz is a team work based program. The industrial sponsors of the YPIC2019 will deliver professional tasks, that will need to be solved by the teams. Each team will have only limited time for each task to solve.

The welding quiz, together with the workshop, creates a one big unit of tasks, which are to be solved by the group of participants. While the workshop is focusing on innovative ideas and brainstorming, the welding quiz is concentrating on providing practical tasks and a lot of fun in the field of welding. 


Memories of the Welding Quiz 2014 @YPIC2014

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YPIC2019 venue

1st day: 

Conference, worskhop, poster presentation:

Óbuda University

Budapest, Bécsi út 96, 1034


2nd day:

Conference, workshop, welding quiz: 

Óbuda University

Budapest, Bécsi út 96, 1034


3nd day:


Óbuda University

Budapest, Bécsi út 96, 1034



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