Flexman Robotics Ltd. (Hungarian agent of Yaskawa and Axelent)

25/03/2019 10:56
We are happy to announce, that the Flexman Robotics Ldt. is our bronze sponsor.  "Flexman Robotics Ltd. is the official agent of Yaskawa and Axelent in Hungary. Yaskawa, the manufacturer of the well-known Motoman industrial robots, is one of the world’s leading robot manufacturers. Axelent...

Crown International Ltd. (Carl Cloos Schweißtechnik GmbH) - Bronze Sponsor

22/02/2019 17:44
We are happy to announce, that the Crown International Ltd. (brand representative of the Cloos Schweißtechnik Gmbh) is our bronze sponsor.  „We provide innovative welding technology from 100-year old CLOOS – unique, customised process and product solutions: turn-key welding robots, manual...

As well as the target audience of the event are young professionals with limited financial background, the organizers of the conference will try to keep the registration fees as low as possible. The small amount of the registration fees will not cover the costs of the conference, so without the sponsoring companies the event could not be possible. 

Based on the succes of the former YPIC conferences, generally, the possibility of presenting an own topic and hold a workshop task will be provided for the sponsors. For further information, please find details about the sponsorship opportunities under the "Sponsorship possibilities".