08/10/2019 20:04

Please feel free to download the conference presentations.




Binder Jetting Additive Manufacturing - Kovalevsky.pdf (11,3 MB)
Breathing protection during welding - Smoked mice and men - Kovago.pdf (27,6 MB)
Development of a descriptive model and a user-oriented manual for the exchange of laser sources for laser beam welding of metallic materials - Aurin.pdf (3,2 MB)
Development of a resistance spot welding process for joining copper with aluminum by controlled eutectic formation - Dumpies.pdf (7,7 MB)
Effect of reduced ambient pressure on gab bridging ability during solid state laser beam welding - Toth.pdf (16,1 MB)
Effects of TIG reheating on duplex stainless steel weld microstructure - Tolnai.pdf (6,6 MB)
Experiments on the characteristics of the HAZ based on physical simulation in case of 7075-T6 aluminium plates - Jambor.pdf (5,4 MB)
Filler flux-cored wire for TIG welding and surfacing of high strength titanium alloys - Schwab.pdf (8,9 MB)
Investigation of effects of technological parameters on the microstructure in Direct Metal Laser Sintering Additive Manufacturing - Toth.pdf (6,8 MB)
Laser parameters effect on the laser-cut surface at austenitic corrosion resistant steels - Halasz.pdf (8,4 MB)
Orbital Welding - Orbitalum GmbH - Piotr Malczewski.pdf (8,7 MB)
Production of stainless steel powders by ultrasonic atomization- Ostrysz.pdf (9,8 MB)
The role of nitrogen in duplex stainless steel welding - Varbai.pdf (10,6 MB)